Facial recognition and Touch ID: log in faster with Ringier Connect

Ringier is the first Swiss media company to offer users additional login options to access its content. Users can now log in using Face ID or Touch ID, instead of typing in their password.

Ringier Connect is a free, easy-access registration and login service that allows its users to take advantage of the digital services of Ringier’s media brands: Blick, Beobachter, Guider, Energy, Wirtschaftsportal HZ and Schweizer Illustrierte. Further brands will soon be added.

Ringier Connect allows users to log in to all its digital services after registering just once, without any further authentication processes. Ringier Connect makes surfing the Ringier Group’s portals easier, clearer and more individual.

Unveiling new login technology

Ringier is one of the first companies in Switzerland to extend its authentication systems on offer: users of Ringier Connect can now choose to log in using the innovative Touch ID or Face ID. The system runs the new WebAuthn technology. Touch ID and Face ID have clear advantages over conventional login methods: rather than entering a password, the user simply looks at the camera on their smartphone or places their finger on the fingerprint scanner. They are then automatically logged in to their personal account on Blick.ch or a user account with another Ringier media brand. An additional app is not required. At the moment, only Apple devices with iOS 14 support the facial recognition software and Touch ID (usable in the app and browser). Touch ID can also be used on desktop computers running macOS11.

‘The excellent feedback we received during our ongoing, extensive testing period with 1,000 users has significantly exceeded our expectations. More than 70% of users choose Face ID or Touch ID when logging in to the system for the first time. Within just a few days, facial recognition and Touch ID have become the most popular Ringier Connect login methods. With the early introduction of Touch ID and Face ID, Ringier is underlining its position as a leading digital media company in Switzerland,’ says Bernd Volf, Project Manager of Ringier Connect.

Data is only stored on each individual device

As with all other applications that use facial and fingerprint recognition features, the data is stored locally on the user’s device. The Ringier Connect registration platform does not give Ringier’s media brands access to the mobile phone’s camera or the fingerprint scanner.

Users can currently choose from three registration and login options: with their email address and password via the Ringier Connect website, through a social network such as Facebook or Google (social login) or with their Swiss ID.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications