Expanding the Ringier Corporate Center to boost efficiency and better meet company requirements

The Corporate Center, headed by Ladina Heimgartner, member of the Group Executive Board, will unite the Ringier Group’s central departments of Legal, Group HR, Data Protection and Corporate Communications from 1 July 2020. This will allow expertise and services to be coordinated early on, with ease and in a targeted manner, resulting in more diverse and creative input, and more efficient and qualitative output.

The Ringer Corporate Center strengthens the company’s internal collaboration and will allow existing synergies to be better used in future. Alongside Corporate Communications, the Office of the Group Executive Board and Events, Ladina Heimgartner’s departments will now also include Legal, Data Protection and HR.

Chief Legal Officer Adrian Dudle, Head of Human Resources ad interim Susanne Jud and Head of PR Johanna Walser will report to Ladina Heimgartner as direct reports from 1 July 2020. Chantal Imfeld-Matyassy will also be a direct report to Ladina Heimgartner. In her function as Data Protection Officer at Ringier, she will remain independent – as required by law.

‘By expanding the Corporate Centre, Corporate Functions will be concentrated and strengthened. The Ringier Group will benefit from the greatest possible synergies, speed and service efficiency.’ explains Marc Walder, CEO of Ringier AG.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications