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Beobachter is the leading consumer magazine in Switzerland. It is a one-of-a-kind institution within the media landscape. Every two weeks it presents well-researched stories on the topics of the day. 

Beobachter pays attention to what interests, concerns and moves its members. It offers trustworthy, expert guidance and tools that allow its readers to make decisions and lead self-determined lives.

Beobachter is part of the modern, cosmopolitan Switzerland. It is dedicated to a democratic, caring society, a social and transparent economy, and an environment worth living in. It not only appears in print but also online, as well as on the radio and television.

With its Facebook page and custom iPad app, Beobachter is also exploring the latest media channels. Its advisory centre processes more than 170,000 requests from its members each year. This specialist expertise allows Beobachter to publish articles and guide books with real-world examples on their own publishing imprint, which offers more than 70 publications.

With its new insurance products, Beobachter Assistance and Beobachter Rechtschutz, Beobachter is successfully tapping into a new market. And with the SOS Beobachter Foundation for people in need, as well as its Prix Courage, an annual prize awarded in recognition of courageous deeds, Beobachter is also making a difference in the community.