Employee Magazine DOMO Is Becoming the Company Magazine

The Ringier magazine DOMO is being published with a completely new concept for its contents and layout on 17 March 2011. Effective immediately, the magazine will be distributed not only to employees in six languages, but also to external business partners, customers and those working in the media. With that, DOMO is to convey the media competence of Ringier as a high-quality tool of public relations starting immediately.

The magazine is now being published with a modern, clear design corresponding to standards that do justice to an international media company. Ringier’s Creative Director Stéphane Carpentier developed a completely new look and language of images in collaboration with CCO Matthias Graf and DOMO Editor-in-Chief Andi Kämmerling.

“The contents of the new DOMO will be based on the three pillars of relevance, competence and credibility,” Mr. Graf declared. Mr. Kämmerling added: “Ringier wants to take a clear position to relevant media topics in the new DOMO. These topics are to be written well and easily comprehensible at the same time, so that readers understand the media world and consequently can better understand the decisions made by Ringier.”

DOMO is published with 32 pages four times per year;
11,400 copies are printed. The company magazine is printed in six languages: German, French, English, Hungarian, Romanian and Chinese.

Also available online
The new DOMO will also be available online effective immediately; fans of the virtual variant of the company magazine can look at and download it on their computer as well as all mobile devices by visiting the site http://domo.ringier.com. You can also find links to related issues as well as videos and picture galleries concerning the magazine topics. The Ringier online expert Peter Wolf is responsible for the option using mobile devices.

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