cash: daily newspaper presents a new layout and at the same time shifts the umbrella brand to the centre of all activities.

cash is consequently relying on the concept of «One Brand all Media» as first media provider in Switzerland. With the new logo, cash strengthens its position as multimedia platform for business and financial information. To mark the new market strategy start cash has revised its daily business paper and as of today, it appears with a new layout.

20 October 2008 marks the starting date for the systematic reorganisation of all media as single brand. cash – for more success! This positioning will newly be transported to all media and communication channels. For consumers cash is the brand for business and financial information, immaterial whether utilised in the form of printed matter, online, mobile or TV.

Simultaneously, cash has made revisions after a good two years as Switzerland’s strongest business paper with print run of 111,720 and WEMF/SW approved copies. Thereby, ideas derived after two years intensive readership enquiries and experiences with the multimedia newspaper concept have been implemented.

The daily paper continues to rely on the proven contents concept and remains focused, up to date, and a forward-looking multimedia channel. The new appearance is fresh and modern, individual vessels have been newly created, and linking to multimedia content is more consistently implemented. For example with the introduction of QR codes that facilitate rapid access to printed online contents.

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