Brands Star


Star is Ringier’s self-developed data platform, which currently consists of five main products and components. The set-up follows a two-layer approach in which two components such as tracking and semantic support the second layer above them for products with data gathering and processing. Data in this context can be understood as user actions and interactions in the form of events, but also as natural language processing with entity recognition and taxonomy building. The products fuelled are capable of utilising these data to provide the corresponding service for our brands.

The main services here comprise personalisation of content (articles and products), hypercustomisation of search behaviour and hyper-targeted advertising in the form of relevant ad displays. All these services are harmonised with our data privacy and protection strategy to provide best-in-class user experiences for the Ringier audience.

Our Products

Star Monetization
Optimum matching between product and user profile to increase ad inventory performance and lead conversion.
Star Recommendation
Delivery of content or ads to defined users or user segments according to various recommendation logics.
Star Semantic
Integrates powerful natural language processing that enables information to be extracted from articles and processed in a granular way.