“Betty’s Kitchen” was named the best ad valuable magazine Top 30 in China

August 19 -20, the " 2009-2010 Top Valuable Chinese press advertising conference and Development Forum of China" was held in Chengdu.

“2009-2010 Top Chinese press advertising value” awards ceremony announced 70 national wide valuable newspapers and top 30 journals, “Betty’s Kitchen” was named as the best ad valuable magazine Top 30 in China and No.1 in Housewives category because of its prominence in the magazine retail market performance, high-quality readers, and upward trend in advertising revenue in 2010 This is the first time Betty’s Kitchen selected as the candidates finally honored. 

“China Newspaper Ad Value List” is organized by China Advertising Association Journal section, CTR of CCTV, School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University, Beijing CCMC and Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co. Ltd, etc.