A present that requires you to make a choice

This year’s annual report is gift wrapped. Algerian born artist Philippe Parreno, whose work covers a multiplicity of different media, has taken the facts and figures comprising Ringier’s 2012 annual report and wrapped them in specially designed paper using no fewer than 59 different colors.

Readers of the 2012 annual report are receiving their copy wrapped in paper which not only features a wealth of resplendent colors, but which has also been intricately folded. It is the wrapping, rather than the content, that the artist has designed. That poses a dilemma for the recipients – one which the artist has deliberately created. Should they tear open the wrapping and throw it away, or should they unfold it carefully and keep it? Instant obsolescence or sustainability? That is the choice each individual reader of this report must make.

Philippe Parreno is a man of many talents. He makes films, sculptures, drawings, objects, photographs, puppets and installations. He writes texts and evokes stories.
He thinks, develops robots, initiates games and situations, even the works of other artists. He develops exhibitions and exhibition formats, and much more besides. Born in Oran, Algeria, in 1964, he studied various forms of art in France and now lives in Paris. His works have been displayed at major exhibitions throughout the world.

This year, the annual report itself is presented in the format of DOMO, Ringier’s in-house journal. In addition to the facts, figures and commentary on the activities of the various business areas in which Ringier operates, the report is illustrated with photographs which were all originally published in one of the many newspapers and magazines in the Ringier portfolio.

The Ringier annual report is published in German, English and French. You can download or order it from the Ringier corporate website www.ringier.com.

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications