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Arne Vogt and his team are responsible for the cover design of the German news magazine «Der Spiegel» week after week. Fifteen years on the job the head of the covers department still wonders which of their drafts will sell better at the newsstand. While the Hamburg crew doesn’t have a magic formula, they still keep winning awards for their work.
The United States of America are in the process of electing a new president – male or female. Those who seek this office spend their campaigns attacking the media, struggling for poll points, acting like outsiders – and laughing at themselves.
A digital presence does not stand a chance against a beautiful magazine in your hands, says Steffen Kragh. He is the CEO of the Danish media enterprise Egmont, headquartered in Copenhagen. With over 700 magazines the company is successfully established in the market.


4 The Cover Story
The crafty cover artists at Germany’s news magazine «Der Spiegel» keep winning awards for their work. DOMO sent in a spy to find out why.

13 The iTunes of journalism
He took «Blendle» to the German-speaking world and excels at serving up stories. Michaël Jarjour talks about the hippest online newsstand.

14 What is left of #jesuischarlie 
It was the first tragedy in a year of crises – the attack on the editorial offices of «Charlie Hebdo». What remains of the surge of solidarity with this publication?

16 Focus on Ringier
Ringier’s best photos of the last quarter 

18 Interview
Steffen Kragh is the CEO of the Danish media enterprise Egmont. With more than 700 magazines on the market he is doing very well and continues to believe in print.

20 US Presidential Elections 2016 
The United States of America is in the process of electing a new president – male or female. The savviest candidates act like outsiders and attack the media.

24 BliQ
The new Blick app is here!

25 «It’s all about the user»
Ringier CEO Marc Walder’s impressions of the Fortune Global Forum in San Francisco

26 Ringier meets the stars
Peter Hossli’s sweet-and-sour encounter with Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow

28 Michael Ringier
Our publisher discusses his personal Word of the Year 2015: «disruption»

29 Talk
Questions for Ringier’s management

30 Anniversaries
Obituary / Employment Anniversaries / Recommended reading 


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