DOMO 3 / 2022


Five years ago, Ringier journalist Ján Kuciak was murdered for his investigative work. In our interview, his colleague Pavla Holcová explains how she was able to finish Kuciak's investigation despite her grief.

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6 – 9 «I had to go through this murder again and again.»

Czech journalist Pavla Holcová finished the investigation begun by Ján Kuciak, who was murdered in 2018. A conversation about the situation in Slovakia five years after the murder of her colleague, about occupational hazards and dedication.

10 – 12 Julian Teicke

In an interview with DOMO, the Wefox founder tells us why, as a Berliner, he likes to meditate in the countryside, why Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher invests in his company, and what links him to Ringier – apart from

14 – 17 Social commitment at Ringier

Four exemplary initiatives from Slovakia, Hungary and Estonia: IT workshops for women, in-house healthcare, job placement for people with disabilities and job ads with salary information for more equal pay.

24 The good Man

The Blick Group has recently started using ethical hackers. They look for security flaws online and are paid for spotting such errors. One of them is Andreas Hauser. A short interview about a special profession.

30 A blind eye

In his column, publisher Michael Ringier reminds us that the media need to examine all sides of an issue and says in no uncertain terms what he thinks of them when they fail to do so.


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