DOMO 3 / 2016


Photographer Pete Souza has been accompanying President Barack Obama for eight years. The U.S. Electoral Campaign: The election of the nominees. And: German lawyer Christian Schertz represents celebrities versus the media.

Pete Souza has spent eight years following the U.S. President everywhere. As the official White House photographer he has been documenting Barack Obama’s time in office. In January 2017 they will part ways. A conversation with the President’s photographer about his job, his boss, and the fruits of his labor: two million photographs for eternity.
The US electoral campaign is this year’s most exciting event. Ringier journalists get into the thick of it.
When writing about celebrities don’t mess with this man: Media lawyer Christian Schertz’s last name may mean «joke» but he does not kid around. Sometimes maliciously dubbed «the Taliban of censorship» he fghts for his clients’ privacy and against untrue statements – not just in the tabloids.


4 Only the private quarters are out of bounds Photographer Pete Souza has been accompanying President Barack Obama for eight years. During those years he has shot two million pictures. «Within fve months he’d grown used to me.»

14 The U.S. Electoral Campaign The election of the nominees. Ringier journalists were there in Cleveland and Philadelphia. They saw hatred in the Republicans and optimism in the Democrats.

Focus on Ringier Ringier’s best photos of the last quarter will return in the next issue. You can fnd a selection of the best pictures on the DomoRingier Facebook page.

18 Interview German lawyer Christian Schertz represents celebrities versus the media. He has occasionally been dubbed the «Censorship Taliban».

22 «An epiphany» Virtual reality will revolutionize the media world, says Sebastian Pfotenhauer. His team developed the Blick VR app.

24 Inhouse This is how the Blick Group VR app works: put on the cardboard glasses, and you are sitting in the cockpit!

26 Ringier meets the stars DOMO author René Haenig is at a Los Angeles restaurant. The woman at the next table is exceptionally pretty – she even winks at him. Haenig, however, does not notice he is sitting next to a superstar.

28 Michael Ringier Our publisher discusses executives with tunnel vision. «You would never employ the likes of Trump at your company. Yet you would vote for him.»

30 Anniversaries Retired: Heinz Eugster / recommended reading


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