DOMO 2 / 2021


For thirteen years, Andres Büchi was editor-in-chief of Beobachter magazine. A conversation about know-it-alls, rifts in society, women’s quotas and his travels after retirement. And: Almost twenty years ago, Thomas Trüb created the Dariu Foundation – with support from Ringier. Year by year, it allows disadvantaged children in Vietnam and Myanmar to receive training in digital skills. Furthermore: Clubhouse is currently the object of the big-gest hype and proof that having a brilliant idea in the digital media economy is the first step to your own undoing. Because your idea will almost certainly be ripped off.

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4 «There is fighting tooth and nail»
After 13 years as editor-in-chief of Beobachter magazine, Andres Büchi is retiring. He takes stock in the big interview with DOMO. «There is no such thing as completely objective journalism.»

8 «Education is everything»
Almost twenty years ago, Thomas Trüb created the Dariu Foundation in Vietnam. Since then, it has been able to help over one million people, not least thanks to support from Ringier. 

10 Dariu provides perspectives
The Dariu Foundation allows young people to get an education. How a fisherman and a young disabled woman were given an opportunity – and seized it.

11 Artificial Ignorance
Publisher Michael Ringier on how AI tries to foist a fleece jacket on him. 

12 Focus on Ringier
Ringier’s best photos of the last quarter.

14 Copycat
Having a great business idea in Silicon Valley means you need to implement it fast, as the competition will not hesitate to copy business models.

17 Get out of the offside position!
«Men see us women as alien elements in sports journalism,» says iconic reporter Sabine Töpperwien. But an increasing number of women are making their mark in this male domain. 

20 «Not without my smartphone»
Noizz Serbia editor-in-chief Ana Ladjarevic starts the week in her office in Belgrade and ends it on the beach in Greece.

22 Interwoven with Ringier
Anniversary: Cornelia Bär / Recommended reading by Marc Walder


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