DOMO 1 / 2022


And: Action! Blick TV has a new editor-in-chief, novel formats and much more breaking news – the «DOMO» explains with which strategy the digital TV station achieved its breakthrough.

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4 Blick TV is really picking up speed

A new editor-in-chief, novel formats, and the broadcasting rights for ice-hockey matches – the strategies Blick TV employs to attract Swiss audiences. 

8 In her own name

In our interview, Ellen Ringier explains why lies about her magazine «Fritz + Fränzi» make her really angry. To this day, she is dedicated to the issue of children’s education. 

11 The numbers nerd

Anniversary: Irene Glaser / Recommended reading by Marc Walder 

12 Focus on Ringier

Ringier’s best photos of the last quarter. 

14 What we mean by purpose

«We create interest in the world around you – and beyond». The point of Ringier’s corporate purpose. 

16 «Fast learners win»

Harvard professor and Ringier board member Felix Oberholzer-Gee explains how media companies can remain successful in the future. 

19 31,752 sent emails

An interview in numbers with Ringier’s Head of Data Protection Chantal Imfeld-Mátyássy. 

20 Hexagon Hotshot

My Week: Mishka Rasool, junior graphic and brand designer, takes us on a journey from Durban to Cape Town. 

22 The arbitrariness of goodwill

Publisher Michael Ringier reveals which Netflix series recently enthralled him and what it has to do with Gerhard Schröder. 


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