DOMO 1 / 2016


Marc Walder has a clear goal. He sees Ringier among Europe’s top five biggest media enterprises. That is why he is forging strong partnerships and looking for a keen and committed employees.
A photographer’s journey through a century of world history: David Douglas Duncan celebrated his 100th birthday in January 2016. This American, renowned as one of the most daring war photographers, also spent seventeen years observing Picasso through his lens.
Journalist and author Michael Scott Moore was held hostage by Somali pirates for 977 days. In his interview with DOMO he talks about how he has learned to forgive, and how writing helped him not to lose his mind.


4 «We could play in Europe’s big league.»
CEO Marc Walder explains his joint-venture policy and gives his employees some straight talk.

8 Ms. Digital
Xiaoqun Clever is laying the foundation for the future – Ringier’s technological basis. This will require a good deal of stamina of the group management’s new member.

12 Polishing up Blick, the «cool brand»
Blick Group CEO Wolfgang Büchner and his new crew have taken on a terrific job: They need to produce modern tabloid journalism by the end of this year.

14 A spirit of change in the magazine business 
Board Delegate Ralph Büchi will unite the magazines of Ringier and Axel Springer Switzerland at the Medienpark: «We can re-invent ourselves.»

15 A century in pictures
David Douglas Duncan is renowned as one of the most daring war photographers. And, he spent many years observing Picasso through his lens. In 2016 Duncan turned 100. – A conversation about photography.

19 The End of TV
They are now available worldwide: Netflix and Amazon. How streaming services are changing television.  

20 Interview
Michael Scott Moore was held hostage by Somali pirates for 977 days. The German-American journalist talks about his life as a prisoner.

24 A world without money
Internet currencies are revolutionizing the financial-services industry. Does the future belong to bitcoin & co?

26 Ringier meets the stars
Hollywood within his grasp – Peter Hossli met Leonardo DiCaprio in Davos.

28 Michael Ringier
Our publisher on the arbitrariness of the journalism of outrage.

29 Talk
Questions for Ringier’s management

30 In-house
Portrait / Recommended reading.


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