New Leadership for Ringier Media International

Ringier Media International is established as a new division to strengthen the Ringier Group's global media brands: Dmitry Shishkin appointed Chief Executive Officer. Michael Moersch appointed Chief Operating Officer.

On January 15, 2024, changes will take effect in the management of the Ringier Group’s international media brands. With the establishment of the Ringier Media International division, Dmitry Shishkin steps into the role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), while Michael Moersch will take over the position of the Chief Operating Officer (COO). In his new role, Dmitry Shishkin will join the extended Executive Board of Ringier AG.

With this decision, Ringier takes an important next step in its commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous growth of its global media business by defining clear operational responsibilities.

The 80 media brands in the CEE countries, including Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia, as well as in Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Uganda and Senegal, will be managed by the new Ringier Media International division.

Therefore the media activities of Ringier AG consist of three divisions:

  • Ringier Media Switzerland with all Swiss media brands, including Blick Group and a total of 20 of Switzerland’s highest-reach magazines, including Beobachter, Handelszeitung, Bilanz, cash.ch, Tele, Schweizer Illustrierte, Landliebe, Glückspost, L’illustré, PME and others – subject to the approval of the Swiss Competition Commission Weko. Ringier Media Switzerland is led by Ladina Heimgartner, member of the Group Executive Board of Ringier AG.
  • Ringier Sports Media Group, currently combining nine sports media brands in seven countries, led by Robin Lingg as Chairman and Stilian Shishkov as Senior Partner.
  • Ringier Media International with all international media brands, led by Dmitry Shishkin.

Dmitry Shishkin as CEO of Ringier Media International: A leader with a proven track record.

Dmitry Shishkin, a highly experienced media professional, graduated with distinction in International Journalism from Moscow State University in 1999. His career includes prominent roles at the BBC World Service from 1997 to 2018, where he excelled in various editorial and leadership positions. Most notably, he led the development and implementation of the BBC’s digital editorial strategy for 41 non-English foreign language news services, expanding teams across Europe, Asia, and Africa. In his role as Chief Content Officer at Culture Trip, a London-based travel startup, Shishkin demonstrated his ability to drive innovation and digital media strategy. His expertise spans editorial, organizational, strategy, data, and product disciplines, all focused on delivering meaningful content. Dmitry Shishkin is a member of the World Editors Forum Board of the World Association of News Publishers WAN-IFRA and plays a leadership role at University of Central Lancashire, where he mentors the Journalism Innovation and Leadership program.

Michael Moersch as COO of Ringier Media International: A seasoned media strategist.

Michael Moersch has a deep understanding of digital strategy and media management. As Chief Digital Officer he has been at the forefront of Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz (RASCH) digital strategy since 2017. As a member of the executive board of RASCH and in his roles as Managing Director Business Media & Beobachter Group, Moersch has successfully managed a diverse portfolio of media brands, leading them through digital transformations and ensuring the growth of digital revenues. His legal background, specialized in international media, communications, and intellectual property law provides a distinctive perspective on media operations. Prior to RASCH he has held a series of management positions in diverse media organizations, including Axel Springer in Berlin and Handelsblatt Media Group in Düsseldorf.

Marc Walder, CEO Ringier AG: “We are proud to welcome Dmitry Shishkin, a globally recognized and established expert in digital media, taking over responsibility for the international media activities of the Ringier Group. In the newly created Ringier Media International unit, he will oversee more than 80 media brands – including many market leaders – in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Côte d`Ivoire, Uganda and Senegal. The creation of the new unit and the appointment of Dmitry Shishkin as CEO and Michael Moersch as COO are a strong commitment to the importance of international media activities within the Ringier Group.”

Ladina Heimgartner and Patrick Rademacher

Global Media Unit (GMU) to enter the next operational phase driven by new leadership.

In addition to his new role as COO of Ringier Media International, Michael Moersch will assume operational responsibility for the GMU, which has set the strategic course for all media brands of the Ringier Group in Switzerland and the CEE countries over the past three years. The GMU will continue to be overseen by Ladina Heimgartner as Head Global Media at the level of the Group Executive Board of Ringier AG.

Patrick Rademacher, since 2021 Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the GMU, will assume the role of Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer in the newly established division Ringier Media Switzerland as soon as the Swiss Competition Commission COMCO has given its approval.

Marc Walder: “Patrick Rademacher has built up the Global Media Unit as COO together with Ladina Heimgartner. Both have set an important strategic course and promoted the exchange of knowledge in the various countries. These achievements have been crucial to the success of Ringier’s media brands over the past three years. As they move into their new roles – Ladina as CEO of Ringier Media Switzerland and Patrick as Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer and I thank them for their clear vision for our media brands, their commitment and hard work.”

Ringier AG, Corporate Communications