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Schweizer Versicherung

We have been following the insurance industry across all segments and markets for 25 years. And always from a critical viewpoint – at times inconvenient and contentious, but always in a positive, constructive sense.

We never run out of topics – the industry has always been and continues to be dynamic and exciting. We cover all of the players in the industry: from primary insurers and reinsurers to health insurance companies and pension funds, all the way to institutional investors and brokers.

For that reason, our magazine is split into strategy, market, finance and management/IT sections. Every month we publish informative articles and background reports on supervisory frameworks, markets, client segments, market developments, trends, new products and financial markets, and we illuminate every facet of the sub-sectors of life and non-life insurance.

The fact that we are number one is both an obligation and our motivation. Our goal is to provide our readers with relevant information every month, both now and in the future, and to offer our advertisers an attractive readership. Today and for the next 25 years.

Schweizer Versicherung is the only specialist magazine for the insurance industry. The magazine publishes comprehensive background information every month on insurance, pensions and investing.