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ICON sees itself as a storyteller in the world of style and offers readers a discerning choice of topics such as fashion, jewellery, beauty, travel and many more, all featuring chief editor Inga Griese’s personal touch. ICON’s unmistakeable journalistic voice and elegant and humorous style are always coupled with bold, surprising visuals.

Fashion shoots are presented opulently together with detailed travel reports, prominent authors offer insights into their individual lifestyle worlds, and international illustrators appreciate the large-format canvas provided by the magazine. Exclusivity and extravagance in the best sense form the basis for this inspiring reading experience.

For advertisers, ICON is a place where they can integrate themselves into a very special, trustworthy atmosphere far from the high-gloss world of most fashion magazines. Readers place a great deal of trust and credibility in BILANZ’s style magazine, and this trust and credibility undeniably extends to the brands advertised within the magazine as well.