Dr. Christiane zu Salm

Dr. Christiane Zu Salm

Member of the board

A member of the board of directors since 2007, Christiane zu Salm was born in Mainz, Germany, in 1966. Following her studies in business administration in Cambridge (US) and Munich, Christiane zu Salm worked in numerous capacities for the Bertelsmann media group before being appointed managing director of the music television channel MTV Central Europe in 1998. She acquired shares in tm3 in 2001 and successfully established the German television station under a different brand name with a new business model. Christiane zu Salm has been active as a private media entrepreneur since selling her stake to the television group ProSieben Sat.1 and is a member of the Monopolies Commission, which advises the German government on matters of anti-trust law. In her spare time, Christiane zu Salm is a dedicated follower of contemporary art.