Future and development

Ringier Karriere Responsibility (full)

Future and development

The future belongs to the smart 

We support employees with technical expertise in their daily work: to expand their technical knowledge, provide space for inspiration and offer new ideas, and make their work more efficient. Subjects from the range of Expertise @ Ringier include topics such as project management and sales courses, and cross-media work for journalists. 

From buddy to boss

Ringier ensures that management personnel live up to their tasks and requirements. That they clearly communicate their concerns and goals to employees, reflect on their personal leadership style and are supported in difficult management situations through coaching. The courses promote an exchange between management staff. This helps them develop a common understanding of employee management at Ringier. 

The bigger picture

Seeing the big picture with our Exchange @ Ringier, we provide the space for people to share their thoughts on different subjects, generate ideas and ensure that our efforts go into enhancing the wheel rather than reinventing it.  The Digital Media Coffee series is dedicated to digital trends and technologies; the Lunch & Learn series introduces a range of projects and corporate sectors; and the DENKwerkstatt gives employees the chance to reflect on societal developments with compelling personalities who have made a mark on our world. 

How do you manage? 

We assist employees and managers in improving their management skills. This course comprises defined modules aligned with the corporate strategy and gives participants a set of management tools. Course project work on current strategic topics promotes direct application of knowledge and ensures a more intensive exchange between course participants. 

At the cutting edge of the digital age 

Ringier offers the opportunity to spend time in Palo Alto to develop market, future and innovation-related themes. The goal is to train employees in the fields of innovation, business, product and process ideas, and bring innovative ideas back to the companies. The skills learned are then applied in the individual companies. The benefit to the participants is huge. The exchange of knowledge and experience, in-depth analysis of a topic of the future, broadening of horizons and the development of a personal network are just a few of the benefits.