Our responsibility

Ringier Career Fitness

Our responsibility

Ringier’s success depends on employee commitment and identification with the company. The headquarters in Zurich, for example, offer comprehensive continuing education training courses, flexitime working solutions and systematic health management initiatives.  Ringier Switzerland offers employees balanced meals in the cafeterias and supports physical activity and other health-related programmes. 

Family and work 

Ringier makes every effort to ensure family-friendly working conditions and to support employees both personally and professionally in their efforts to combine work and family in the best possible way. 

With the provision of financial support for external childcare at the Swiss locations without their own daycare facilities, Ringier creates the conditions that allow for a harmonious work-life balance. At the Zofingen and Adligenswil printing plants, employees have access to their own crèche. 

As Ringier is shaping the forms of entertainment of the future and selling its media products though different channels, we support our employees as they deal with the new channels in their own lives; for example, in the form of a contribution to people who are interested in technology and who purchase an iPad for private use.

The work-life balance is a critical factor in employee happiness. The strengthening of the personnel structure has been pushed forward throughout the entire group: regular HR manager meetings ensure lively discussions about the latest trends and measures. 

Fit as a fiddle 

Where would Ringier be without healthy employees? The ‘fit&health’ programme offers employees a range of options to help keep body and soul in harmony. In addition to numerous weekly sport and fitness options and other health-promoting measures, staff at the Zurich location enjoy access to a fitness room for personal training. Annual events such as the B2RUN company run and participation in the Bike2Work campaign have long since become company traditions. Regular vitamin kicks are also assured – at the Inside cafeteria at the Zurich location, employees have access to a free selection of seasonal fruit. 


To reduce our environmental impact, Ringier promotes the use of public transport through subsidised season tickets or contributes to the cost of use of public transport.