School of Journalism

School of Journalism

Hans Ringier Foundation
In 1974, Hans Ringier founded the first school of journalism in Switzerland. Since then, many of today’s prominent media-creators have learned the journalistic trade at the «Jou¬Schu». Even publisher Michael Ringier and CEO Marc Walder attended the in-house school. The journalism school is operated by the Hans Ringier Foundation. The president of the foundation board is Frank A. Meyer. Hannes Britschgi heads up the Ringier School of Journalism.

Expertise and tradition
Almost all of the roughly 40 lecturers are currently active journalists. They are the best in their fields and share their wealth of experience with the young students in the workshops. The school programme has a special focus in the digital field.
Over the past 41 years, around 400 journalists have completed the degree programme. After completing the course, many of them have joined the Ringier editorial offices.

Theory and practice
The Ringier publishing house places great importance on ensuring that new generations of its journalists have a high-quality education. The two-year programme effectively combines theory and practice. The journalism students complete their practical training in the editorial offices. The theoretical part augments and deepens the skills gained during training.

Guest visits
The journalists apply for a spot in the editorial office of the newspapers, magazines or in electronic media such as radio and WebTV. They twice change, each time spending three months in a guest editorial position. This gives the students a taste of very diverse editorial cultures.

Day of new horizons
During every week at school, one day is dedicated to getting out in the real world. The class visits factories, research institutes, and social and political institutions. This helps them expand their networks, gain new insights and work on their social skills.
The next class will open for applications in January 2016 and begins in August. More information about the training offered at the Ringier School of Journalism is available on our Facebook page.