DOMO December Issue 2013

An interview with Sepp Blatter

In the run-up to the 2014 Soccer World Cup, the FIFA president talks about his relationship with the media and why journalism requires smart minds.

World Press Photo 2014

Refugees, freedom fighters and a cougar – a selection of p ctures that number among the best press photographs of 2013.


Will the human body soon be turned into a display screen? In technical terms, it’s feasible.


Journalists covet it. Few get it. And it doesn’t make everybody happy – the Oscar of literary awards.

Focus on Ringier

The best press photos of the last quarter from around the world.

Big Data

Mathematician Gunter Dueck on how the latest digital buzzword is going to change our world.

Data Volume at Ringier

Marc Walder explains why big data is high-up on his list of top-level initiatives.

Live from the floor

Jens Korte has been reporting from Wall Street for fifteen years, banking on «the luxury of in-depth research».


Nigeria’s tabloid platform, launched in 2012, is now a high flyer.

Ringier meets the stars

A story about Joan Collins and her sister Jackie – caught in the middle is Helmut-Maria Glogger.

Michael Ringier

Our publisher’s thoughts on energy problems, the paradise bakery called Internet and the reality after euphoria fades.


Questions for Ringier management.


Obituary/ Employment
Anniversaries / Recommended reading.

DOMO Cover Blatter

Sepp Blatter
He reads newspapers in print, he prefers to watch soccer matches on Swiss TV; he doesn’t want to google his own name; he has more than 100 requests for interviews pending at any given time. FIFA president Sepp Blatter on his relationship with the media and why he irritates the people sitting next to him in the stadium.

Google Glass data glasses are old hat! It is not the IT gadget gurus who are the true visionaries but a French philosopher who discovered the human body as a display and touchscreen 55 years ago.

Big Data
The whole world is talking about it, but what lies behind the catchphrase that was excessively used in the wake of the NSA scandal? Former IBM manager Gunter Dueck explains what tractors and horses have to do with it and how big data will have changed our world in thirty years’ time.


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