DOMO September Issue 2014

When women rule 

All around the globe, women in the media have power. They’ve had to fight hard for it – a piece of female media history. And, a special issue of DOMO focusing entirely on women. 


She hails from Eastern Switzerland and lives in New York. Through her blog Tina Roth Eisenberg reaches millions of readers. An interview about power, success and – confetti

Focus on Ringier

For once, DOMO is only interested in the female look through the lens.  


Jessica Stiles is head of Digital Marketing for Ringier Africa and Asia. A young woman who travels a lot and on some mornings does not know what country she has just woken up in. 

Secrets of power 

Professor Ulrike Ehlert on why using their bodies as well as their intellect can lead women to success. 

Inhouse: The Deadline

An attempt to get to grips with the incorruptible judge of success and failure.

Ringier meets the stars

DOMO author Peter Hossli on three encounters with Hillary Clinton – who may soon be the world’s most powerful woman.  

Ellen Ringier

This time, publisher Michael Ringier leaves the DOMO column to his wife. 


Questions for Ringier’s management 


Obituaries / Employment Anniversaries / Recommended reading 

DOMO Cover The Power of Women

When women call the shots
All around the world, women have power in the media. They shoot films, write texts, reveal scandals, run papers and manage budgets. To get there, they have had to struggle – and be better and more original than most men. This is a piece of media «herstory».

«Soft Skills are crucial»
She hails from Eastern Switzerland and lives in New York. As SwissMiss she reaches millions with her blog. Tina Roth Eisenberg talks fast, works hard and never sits still. As a boss she relies on employees with a good heart and her drawer full of confetti.

The secrets of women's power
For a long time they constituted a majority treated like a minority. But that’s history. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and top model Heidi Klum are longstanding examples of the different ways in which women wield power these days.  


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