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Apr 09, 2014

Everyone is talking about digital media. A good enough reason, thought American artist Laura Owens, to celebrate the art of traditional printing. For it is she who designed Ringier's 2013 annual report.

In 2013, Ringier increased its EBTIDA by 23.7 percent to CHF 123.1 million. Group revenue was CHF 1,026.3 million. The proportion of this generated by the Group's digital businesses increased to 25.7 percent. Despite this, Publishing, the Group's traditional core business, remained its principal source of revenue. The profitable acquisitions made in recent years, the positive performance achieved by the Group's Swiss magazine titles, its systematic initiatives to build strong digital portals for its successful print brands and a variety of restructuring measures all played their part in the good set of results Ringier achieved.

Shanghai Family hosted the much-awaited 2nd International School Expo at Kerry Parkside, Pudong. The outdoor event on Saturday 15th March was widely perceived as a resounding success by all those who attended. Approximately 650 families welcomed the opportunity to meet an extensive selection of Shanghai’s prestigious and diverse international schools, preschools, kindergartens, Healthcare institutions shops and more. 

All throughout the day, the main stage offered an outlet for certain schools/institutions to show off their talent.  In addition, two activity areas were set up to keep kids (and some adults!) happy and occupied. Also, When asked ‘How would you rate your overall experience+ How did you find the organization of the event’ an incredible 30 out of 35 institutes rated the experience ‘Excellent’

Jan 29, 2014

Mr. Thomas Passen from Ringier Switzerland delivered a 3-day sales training in Shanghai to sale staff of Ringier China, Asia Inflight and Ringier sales staff from Vietnam.

In the training, Thomas shared many typical cross media sales cases and highly effective sales structure and work process. During case studies, all trainees also showed their extensive advertising planning experiences.

On 3rd day during Q & A, Thomas inspired our sales with his answers to all questions.

The training broadened our views and helped us rebuild our cross media sales mentality which we expect to utilize in our future works.

City Weekend Parents & Kids held the 2013 Beijing Art & Writing Competition Awards Ceremony on January 12 at Kowloon Ballroom, Kerry Hotel.

Hundreds of pieces of art were received this year. We had 60 kids and their families join us for the final awards ceremony, with more than 180 guests in total. While presenting the awards, we brought a variety of activities to the guests, such as face-painting, clown performances, hairdressing, and manicures.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, the kids were happy to receive their prizes. All the kids were treated to half an hour of free entrance at the Adventure Zone, which was a lot of fun.