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Ringier and the Philippines-based media enterprise Summit Media are divesting from, their Philippines online real-estate platform, which is being sold to the international real-estate portal Lamudi.

Ringier Africa has got off to an excellent start in 2015, with revenue in the first quarter of the new year four times higher than in the last quarter of 2014. Traffic grew nearly by factor five, and Ringier Africa now employs 250 employees in five African markets. Six of the ten platforms are already clear leaders in their respective national markets.

Wolfgang Büchner | Image: Laurence Chaperon

The former editor-in-chief of Der Spiegel and Spiegel Online, Wolfgang Büchner, will be the new Managing Director of the Zurich-based Blick Group. Büchner will assume his new duties in July 2015.

Thorsten Thierhoff

Thorsten Thierhoff will be the new Co-Managing Director of Ringier Publishing GmbH and Juno Kunstverlag GmbH in Germany, jointly managing both companies with Anne Sasse. Thierhoff has been working for Ringier in Germany since 2004, most recently as Head of Distribution and Business Development. He will take up his new duties immediately.

In designing this year’s annual report for Ringier, New York based concept artist Wade Guyton took a series of photographs to reduce one of his large works to 360 individual component pieces, which he then had bound between two book covers. As simple as that.