Feb 04, 2011

Thomas Trüb is withdrawing from the Ringier Executive Board

Thomas Trüb is withdrawing from the Ringier Executive Board and will focus completely on the development of new markets

Thomas Trüb, CEO Asia and New Markets, is withdrawing from the Ringier Executive Board after 18 years membership at his own request effective end of 2010, so that he can concentrate totally on the development of Ringier's new markets.
He will continue to exercise all of his previous management functions with exception of membership in the Ringier Executive Board and his Swiss Board of Directors mandates at Ringier participations.
Thomas Trüb is a driving force behind the internationalization of Ringier. Thomas Trüb stated about his decision: "I wanted the Executive Board to release me from some of my previous obligations, so that I can concentrate more intensively on the further development of geographic and thematic areas with a great potential. We have very many interesting ideas and projects, which I want to support even more with my personal involvement. A new, exciting field is Africa, for example, where we see a great potential for electronic services and now want to sound this out."
To this end, Ringier is currently working on setting up competence centers in East and West Africa. Mr. Trüb added: "Africa is an extremely fascinating continent, which reminds me strongly of Eastern Europe 20 years ago and which provides many opportunities.   But we also see additional, very promising chances in Asia." Ringier CEO Christian Unger has assumed the Executive Board responsibility of Thomas Trüb.
Mr. Unger stated about this step: "Thomas Trüb has contributed decisively to developing Ringier's presence in Eastern Europe and Asia and is a key figure in the success story of Ringier's presence in foreign countries. We are very happy that he now wants to continue writing this success story for Ringier with increased personal involvement."
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