Ringier Axel Springer Media AG

In 2010, Ringi­er and the German pub­lish­ing compa­ny Axel Springer launched the joint ven­ture Ringi­er Axel Springer Me­dia AG, focus­ing on Central Eu­rope and incorporating their exis­t­ing busi­ness in the Czech Re­public, Po­land, Serbia and Slovakia. Each partner owns a 50 per­cent stake in the new compa­ny. Ringi­er Axel Springer Me­dia AG strengthens the two partners' po­sition in these growing mar­kets with a combined out­put of over 70 print publications and more than 60 on­line prod­ucts. A dynam­ic merg­er of independently op­erating sub­sidiaries, Ringi­er Axel Springer Me­dia AG is based on leading and successful me­dia brands such as FAKT, Blesk, Novy Čas and Blic. Focused on growth and dig­ital­ization, the broad portfo­lio makes Ringi­er Axel Springer Me­dia the regional mar­ket lead­er in widely circulated tabloid dailies as well as one of the largest mag­a­zine pub­lish­ers.

Ringier Axel Springer Polska Sp z.o.o., Warsaw 50%
Viviana Investments Sp z.o.o., Warsaw 50%
Ringier Czech Republic  
Ringier Axel Springer CZ a.s., Praha 50%
Ringier Axel Springer Print CZ a.s., Praha 50%
Ringier Serbia  
Ringier Axel Springer d.o.o., Belgrade 50%
Trans Press d.o.o., Belgrade 50%
APM Print d.o.o., Belgrade 50%
„NIN" d.o.o., Belgrade 49.89%
Ringier Slovakia  
Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia a.s., Bratislava 50%
Azet.sk a.s.,Žilina 35%
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