Dr. Uli Sigg

Deputy Chairman

Born on April 29, 1946, Uli Sigg trained as a busi­ness journalist. He joined the Ringi­er group man­age­ment in 1984 and just two years lat­er became Del­egate of the Board of Di­rectors. From 1995 to 1998, Mr. Sigg served as Switzer­land's ambassador to China and North Korea also serving as founding chairman of the Swiss-Ch­inese Chamber of Commerce. His profound knowl­edge of Asia signifi­cantly fa­cili­tated Ringi­er's first steps into Vietnam and China. Today, Mr. Sigg is Deputy Chairman of the Ringi­er Board of Di­rectors, a po­sition he has held since 2003, having served as Chairman from 1999 until 2003. Sharing Michael Ringi­er's avid inter­est in con­temporary art, Uli Sigg is one of the most em­inent col­lectors of works by Ch­inese artists.