Organizational Charts

Ringier AG

Board of Directors Ringier AG

Michael Ringier

Michael Ringier


Dr. Uli Sigg

Deputy Chairman

Group Executive Board Ringier AG

Marc Walder

Marc Walder

Chief Executive Officer Ringier AG
Annabella Bassler

Dr. Annabella Bassler

Chief Financial Officer Ringier AG
Thomas Kaiser

Thomas Kaiser

Chief Executive Officer Ringier Digital

Members of the Executive Body

Edi Estermann

Edi Estermann

Chief Communications Officer Ringier AG
Adrian Dudle

Adrian Dudle

Chief Legal Officer Ringier AG
Jutta Schilke

Jutta Schilke

Head Human Resources Ringier AG
Alexander Theobald

Alexander Theobald

Head Operations & Business Development

General Managers further countries

Robin Lingg

Robin Lingg

CEO Ringier Africa & Asia

Julian Artopé

Director Ringier Africa

Damien Bonnabel

General Manager Ringier Kenia

Collin Crowell

General Manager Vietnam

Mapenda Diop

General Manager Ringier Senegal

Mike Hay

President Ringier Trade Media Ltd.

Sen Hoa

President of Ringier Vietnam

Tim Kollmann

General Manager Ringier Ghana

Vasiliu Mihnea

General Manager Romania

Leonard Stiegeler

Head of Ringier West Africa & General Manager Ringier Nigeria

Kenny Zhou

General Manager China