Ringier today - international, multimedia, diversified


In February 2013 Florian Fels is named CEO Publishing. In the spring Blick am Abend celebrates its 5th anniversary with a commemorative week and various special activities, including a Blick am Abend issue in Swiss German dialect. Starting in June Ringier’s Swiss magazines are also available as eMagazines for iPhone and iPad. The successful Schweizer Landliebe magazine is enhanced by LandLiebe TV and Landliebe Radio. Blick am Abend launches blickamabend.ch and adds an interactive digital channel to its range of services. In the Czech Republic, the operations of Ringier Axel Springer Media AG are taken over by entrepreneurs Daniel Křetínský and Patrik Tkáč. 


Marc Walder is named new CEO of Ringier AG replacing Christian Unger. Energy Basel is launched in early 2012 and Blick.ch is the first news portal in Switzerland to reach 500 million clicks. Ringier takes over eJobs.ro, the leading job site in Romania. BlickTV expands its services by adding two apps for iPhone and iPad. Blick am Abend also enhances its mobile application with an update and increases its distribution area by twelve cities. In September Ringier initiates the combined marketing of the magazines for the German and French parts of Switzerland. The Competition Commission approves the takeover of jobs.ch by Ringier and Tamedia in November. In late 2012 Robin Lingg leaves the Board of Directors of Ringier to join the management and is appointed Head of Business Development.


Switzer­land sees the successful launch of country life mag­a­zine Lan­dLiebe. Expanding its dig­ital busi­ness, Ringi­er acquires a stake in the group-buying platform deindeal.ch. Infront Ringi­er is founded as a joint ven­ture be­tween Ringi­er and international sports mar­keting compa­ny Infront Sports & Me­dia AG. The ven­ture in­tends to become the leading sales and mar­keting compa­ny in the Swiss sports mar­ket arena. In Ro­mania, Ringi­er acquires Edi­presse A.S. Ro­mania, a joint ven­ture of the Swiss pub­lish­ing group Edi­presse and the German me­dia compa­ny Axel Springer.


The Blick group Integrated News­room is in­au­gurated in Switzer­land combining the ed­ito­rial teams of Blick, SonntagsBlick, Blick am Abend and Blick.ch with the web TV center to form Switzer­land's largest and most advanced ed­ito­rial team. Additionally, Ringi­er and Axel Springer launch a major joint ven­ture merg­ing activ­ities in the Czech Re­public, Serbia, Po­land and Slovakia under the name Ringi­er Axel Springer Me­dia AG. Ringi­er Vietnam and the French me­dia compa­ny Lagardère Active jointly launch the international edition of ELLE Vietnam.


Chris­tian Unger is ap­pointed new CEO of Ringi­er AG. In Hungary, Ringi­er takes over all shares in the Eu­ro­me­dia joint ven­ture from German pub­lish­er Bauer Me­dia Group. In addition, Ringi­er launches the new busi­ness unit Entertain­ment, integrating all Ringi­er Switzer­land event, ra­dio and TV activ­ities. At the same time, the group launches its new corporate strategy building on three core busi­ness ar­eas: pub­lish­ing, dig­ital busi­ness and entertain­ment.


Ringi­er’s 175th anniversary is amply cel­ebrated at all Ringi­er locations. The free dai­ly Blick am Abend is pub­lished for the first time on June 1st. It is Switzer­land’s first ev­er and to date only evening newspaper.


Ringi­er acquires a 51% stake in Ra­dio Energy Zürich. Three years lat­er Ringi­er will also take over Ra­dio Energy Bern. Such acqui­sitions con­tinue to expand Ringi­er's entertain­ment busi­ness portfo­lio. With its 80% share in Me­dia Swiss AG, Ringi­er becomes one of the leading e-commerce platform providers (e.g. Scout24) in Switzer­land. In China, Ringi­er and Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group jointly pub­lish the first women's weekly, Xinmin Bella. In the Czech Re­public, Ringi­er takes over the dai­ly newspaper Aha!, The pub­lish­ing house also launches a new dai­ly, ALO! in Serbia.


Ringi­er Serbia launches the free dai­ly 24sa­ta.


Ringi­er jointly founds Swissprint­ers AG with the NZZ group in Switzer­land. Edi­presse lat­er joins them as an additional investor (Ringi­er 58,8 per­cent, NZZ group 25,2 per­cent, Edi­presse 16 per­cent). Cicero, Germany's first mag­a­zine for po­lit­ical cul­ture is launched.


Hans Ringier dies at age 97. Michael Ringi­er becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ringier Holding AG.