Commit­ment to con­sci­entious journalism

The Ringier Code of Conduct de­termines guidelines on ethi­cal be­ha­vi­or for all Rin­gier employees. The guide­lines lis­ted in this code are bin­ding for employees in Rin­gier en­terpri­ses around the world in busi­ness matters or in deal­ings wi­th colleagues, the ge­ne­ral pub­lic, aut­hori­ties and in­sti­tuti­ons. Only by re­mai­ning trust­wor­thy and keep­ing our jour­na­lis­tic in­de­pen­dence will we manage to en­sure the re­qui­red dis­tri­bu­ti­on and accep­tance as well as the de­sira­ble fi­nanci­al success of our pro­ducts. Our employees have the­refore – re­gard­less of their ran­king in the com­pany hier­archy or their area of busi­ness – committed to do more than sim­ply obey the law: They have pledged to con­duct them­selves ethi­cally and re­sponsibly.

The pre­decessor of the current code of conduct was introduced by Werner Mei­er, ed­itor-in-chief of the mag­a­zine Schweizer Illus­tri­erte. He drafted a journalis­tic credo for his ed­ito­rial team in 1950. This vol­untary commit­ment to con­sci­entious journalism already included essential points of a modern code of ethics.