Ringi­er is an international op­erating me­dia enterprise with an integrated and diversi­fied val­ue added chain. In many fields Ringi­er is in a mar­ket leading po­sition with its prod­ucts. Ringi­er offers its users and clients an ex­cel­lent portfo­lio of around 300 me­dia prod­ucts, information ser­vices, on­line platforms and choic­es with­in the entertain­ment sector.

The world-wide activities of Ringier involve in particular:

  1. The classical main business of information transfer in newspapers and magazines, extended by digital and mobile platforms. The printing plants in various countries also belong to the main business.
  2. The digital sector, mainly internet based and mobile e-commerce-services like shopping webpage’s or grouponing-services and car-, housing- or job-plattforms.
  3. The entertainment sector includes all activities around television, radio, events and amusement-services (such as ticketing).

120 newspapers and maga­zines, 70 web­sites and over 40 mobile appli­cations in eight coun­tries state a clear indi­cation: Ringier stands for infor­mation diver­sity and me­dial pio­neering spirit, it is a suc­ces­sful media enter­prise. Whe­ther print, on­line or mo­bile – here you will find an over­view of all our media and ser­vices in the sec­tor pub­lishing.

The entertain­ment busi­ness is closely con­nected with the pub­lish­ing- and me­dia world. Ringi­er uses this close­ness, to round off it´s range of prod­ucts and ser­vices. That is why Ringi­er leads its own ra­dio stations, orga­nizes big events such as con­certs or fash­ion-shows and pro­duces top-class TV-formats. Get a clear over­view here of our range of enter­tain­ment prod­ucts.

The fu­ture of me­dia is dig­ital! Ringi­er rec­ognized the po­tential of dig­ital me­dia at an early stage and in­vested time and mon­ey in their devel­op­ment al­ready in the eight­ies. Since then Ringi­er ex­pan­ded its portfo­lio con­tinuously around consis­tent col­umn mar­kets, e-com­merce-plat­forms and a mul­ti­tude of fur­ther dig­ital ser­vices. Get a clear over­view here of our dig­ital choic­es.